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ir_big.jpgThis mod introduces electricity and machinery to Don't Starve

Do you want to fight Maxwell?

Do you want to show the shadows who's boss?

No revolution is complete without Coal and Electricity!

If you agree with the above point, then this mod is like made for you. It introduces electricity and machinery to Don't Starve, without (wanting to) ignore its amazing feel of uncertainity and artistic developement.




Unlike most mods, this one is split up into several modules. As such, you can install the parts you want and don't need the rest! Furthermore, updating is easier. And of course this allows for third-party modules, the Treeslacoil by @Corrosive for instance.

The following official modules are currently available:

  • BASE brings electricity itself. This is the core mod, you need to install it.
  • CRAFTWORKS allows advanced crafting. Being cheaper, but more complicated, this mod is ideal for whoever is concerned about resource management.
  • UTILITY is tool- and survival-orientated. It offers electric alternatives for most basic elements needed to stay alive.
  • MILITARY brings weapons, armour and miscellanious combat entities. This is what you want if you came here thinking of laser guns, power fists and electric fence.
  • Robotics is not functional. Use at your sole discretion.



If you install and enable Tomes of Knowledge, you can find or craft an in-game guide. It magically scientifically expands with updates. It should give you the idea, and is highly recommended. For more detailed information, read the changelogs or the source code.

The old documentation thread is here. You might enjoy reading this story as well.



All modules are compatible with DS base and DS RoG. They are also compatible with ShipWrecked, though some things might not work, as this is not a high priority. DST support is possible in future but unlike as it stands.

Industrial Resolution includes minor World Generation stuff and edits some game objects. In general, it should be 100% compatible with any other mod. If you notice problems in this regard, please do not hesitate to inform me!

This modpack supports the following mods:

If you want to see more cross-mod, tell me please!



I want to thank the following people for helping in the creation of Industrial Resolution:

@Folthan for drawing the LED and giving me that software ;)

@NoobModder for drawing several IRM objects

@Estel for praise and feedback

@Mikeloeven for telling me to just do it and giving me that other software ;)

All users who suggested content or changes for their interest

You for reading all of this and being (presumably) awesome


What's New in Version 3.1   See changelog


Added IR for DST WIP, feel free to work off it.

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