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Base and RoG compatible

If you must, go ahead and sleep with those nasty Pigmen.

The Pigmen welcome you by turning on the lights when your near their house, if there home that is.

Default Sanity -10 with options from 0 to -40

Default Hunger -20 with options from 0 to -40

Default Healing +60 with options from 0 to +80

True\False option to keep house after sleeping.

Default True

If true,then house is removed after a sleepover without any loot given.

If a Pigman is sleeping with you, he will be set free.

One sleepover use per house.

Webber hates pigs so he can't sleep in their houses.


version 1.1 update

Added configure mod options for




House Removal

Works with existing saved game as well as new.

Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome.

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