Extended Sample Character DST1.2.3/SW1.3.1.1

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About This File

This is a character I made to be used as a template. It uses a spriter file that I rebuilt to be more extended.

There are multiple versions.

V1.0.4 - Don't Starve and Don't Starve Reign of Giants

V1.2.3 - Don't Starve Together

V1.3.1 - Don't Starve Shipwrecked

The tutorial for this is here.


- Basic coding for a character mod

- All animatable parts of a character

- Larger drawing areas

- RoG lightning sprite

- DST emotes

- A basic DST ghost

This requires Don't Starve Mod Tools to autocompile .png files that are modified. Use Spriter to preview the changes you make. Parts can be removed from your character by clearing out the .png files of that part.

If you're modding for Don't Starve Together, and the mod doesn't compile, you may need to temporarily move your mod to your single player mods folder, and move it back once the mod tools compile it.

What's New in Version DST1.2.3/SW1.3.1.1   See changelog


  • DST Version
  • - Added hand-18 and hand-19.
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