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This mods adds a new custom character named Wendelin. She is a shy photomodel who like others has been thrown to this world by Maxwell without a reason :-)

Try it out and let me know what do you think about her, I would be happy to see any feedback.

P.S. Sorry for my English guys :joyous:

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The reason I'm not all for this finely done artwork, is that it is inaccurate if Maxwell did it to a photo model. Because of his time mindset. He'd probably think this lady is anorexic if that was even scientifically documented yet.

I'd suggest looking up 1910 model girls on google. 


It'll show you that they aren't bone skinny like the skeleton wannabes of today. 
Though I am curious if this is Evelyn Nesbit, because the hair suggests it is and it is the first thing that popped up when I looked up both 1900s model (the inaccurate one) and 1900 girl models.

I like the mod, I'm just a nitpicker. You've gotta be if you want to critique nice things.

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