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Lich King's legendary weapon. Whomsoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal. Just as the blade rends flesh, so must power scar the spirit.

Weapon stats:

-Deals 80 damage.

-Drains 3 player's sanity per attack.

-Freezes enemies on attack.

-Really big durablity.


-Emits light.

-Can chop trees (it would be funny if so powerful weapon couldn't, eh?).

-Using this weapon for long time will turn player to Lich King (uhuhuhuh).

Craft Recipe:

-Dark Sword x1

-Blue Gem x3

-Living Log x1

-Nightmare Fuel x5

To-Do List:

-Freezing enemies on attack.

-Fix dropped sword texture.

-Make able to shoot Death Coil.

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by JaR Dev, I like it!

What's New in Version 0.4   See changelog


  • Fixed sword's size.

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