Zinnia the Dismantler DS1.4.1/DST1.5.1

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This mod adds Zinnia as a playable character. She comes with her own hammer, and has custom dialogue.

Current Base/RoG/Shipwrecked Version: 1.4

Current DST Version: 1.5


- Hunger: 200

- Sanity: 75

- Health: 150

Zinnia is an insane, energy-consuming fennec fox from a mechanical world. She loves to destroy and gains sanity when breaking structures. She can make her own hammer, called the Dismantler. It can break structures faster than a regular hammer. It also can mine rocks and chop trees, but not as effective as a pickaxe and axe. The dismantler is also very effective against clockwork monsters and rock lobsters.

When Zinnia is insane (less than 25 sanity), she has a chance to accidentally break chests, ice boxes, crock pots, and other objects when interacting with them. This will still increase her sanity as though she breaks it intentionally.

Zinnia dislikes a lot of sharp things. She has a slight sanity drain when holding an axe, pickaxe, spear, or any other pointy tool. To avoid sanity drain, try to keep these things put away whenever not using them. Additionally, Zinnia can lose sanity using sewing kits and booster shots, attacking with blow darts, picking spiky bushes, and getting stung by bees.

Zinnia loves glowing things. She gains sanity and health from eating fireflies, light bulbs, glow berries, and bioluminescence. These are very useful for restoring stats while in the caves. Also, miner hat, lantern, morning star, and dwarf star gives sanity.

What's New in Version DS1.4.1/DST1.5.1   See changelog


Don't Starve Together V1.5.1

  • Beefalo riding hands added.
  • Added support for Mods in Menu (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880465230).
  • Fixed a bug where chopping trees with dismantler may cause it to become stuck.

Don't Starve V1.4.1

  • Spoiled fish gives sanity when smashed.
  • Zinnia has gas mask speech sounds.
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