[WIP] Professor Layton (THT gift) 1.0

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About This File

A VERY INCOMPLETE character mod that needs some critique and assistance.

This mod adds Professor Hershel Layton from the Professor Layton Series as a selectable character for Don't Starve.

This mod is both DLC and standard mode compatible.


Professor Layton is a very refined english gentleman who loves solving puzzles, drinking tea and... somehow wound up in the wilderness?


Health 150

Hunger 150

Sanity 250

- Comes with a custom top hat, which happens to be very important to him.

- Automatically set to lose sanity at a huge rate unless his top hat is equipped. (He can wear other hats, but it will cost him his sanity.)

I borrowed a lot of dialog from various characters (Wickerbottom mostly), but he's got plently of custom dialog too. If anyone is knowledgable of the game series or the character, I'd LOVE some more creative/layton-y dialog suggestions (if possible) so PLEASE let me know if you have any!


The following are WIP/ideas I have for the future:

- Cave dialog has been mostly untouched (I haven't really explored down there). In the next update I'll be sure to take a trip down and customize the dialog properly.

- Small art fix ups on the main ANIM files

- I am currently working on a brewer for making tea (similar to the crockpot, except for tea). My sister is helping me with it. It may take awhile to finish though, as we are both new to moding. Outside help with that would also be nice.

- Random gag items solely for referencing the series (ex. Elisian Box... I am going to make the Elisian Box a craftable item and no one can stop me)

- I would love if there was a way to implement puzzles somewhere but, alas, I've come blank. If you have any ideas there, wing 'em at me.

- When Don't Starve Together comes around I hope to make them compatible.

Finally, and most important, please let me know if you run into any bugs or have suggestions on making him a balanced character/sending me more ideas.



((This mod was created in response to a very long Wilson Higgsbury "magic! anon" on my tumblr ask blog, TopHatTrio. Thus, PROFESSOR LAYTON is part of a set. I decided to upload him separately in case people may not want the other two.

But if you do, then here they are: / ONCELER / WARDEN /

Huge shout out to the anonymous person that introduced me to the game. And to everyone else, please enjoy!))

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Would you share with me your secrets of such beautiful bigportraits?

A video? I admire the beauty of those portraits.


Ahahahaa o wow, um, thank you! 

When you say video, do you mean a video of how I made them?

And thanks again!

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Damn, your characters are totally awesome. I might have a request for you, but I guess you don't take any?

Thanks! And sadly no, I don't take requests as I'm sort of busy all the time, but I'll let you know in the future for sure!

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Hi ! I just LOVE it. But it seems that it doesn't work on DS Together, does it ? ^^

Not yet! Once I finish him for Don't Starve, I'd LOVE to make him playable for DST!

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