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Meet Drok

Drok is a simple minded caveman. Drok loves a good meal, he eats everything but he prefers meat over anything. Drok is also quite afraid of monster and evil things. He thinks they are connected with evil spirits.

When the time passes, Drok will grow a head full of hair. This is helpful to keep him warm in the winter, but Drok can't stay in the blazing sun in the summer with a full head of hair so he prefers to shave it in the hot summer months. The longer Drok's hair is, the stronger he feels.

Since Drok is a caveman and he always had to struggle to survive he became strong, so his attacks are quite powerful but then again, he feels stronger with longer hair. His survival skills allow him to create a useful weapon: the Throwing Spear.

Drok likes to draw on rocks, we call them cave paintings.

Meet Wigstan

As you start your adventure with Drok, you will receive a Roundish Stone. Drok can use some berries, ashes and a normal stone to create some red dye. With this red dye and the roundish stone Drok will be able to paint a face on the stone, thus Wigstan is born. Wigstan has two stages, excluding the roundish stone. The further you upgrade Wigstan the more Drok will like Wigstan, increasing Drok's sanity when he is close.


Drok has a large stomach.

Drok grows hair that keeps him warm and makes him feel stronger, but overheat him faster in summers.

Drok doesn't have a big brain (low sanity).

Drok can create cave paintings.

Drok can craft a throwing spear to use for hunting and fighting.

Drok doesn't lose sanity inside caves when he is in dark places.

Drok has completely customized speech, including Reign of Giants DLC.

Where to find the items?

Red Dye - Refine Tab

Wigstan - Refine Tab

Throwing Spear - Fight Tab

Cave Paintings - Structures Tab

Winter Fur - Dress Tab

Remember that some items need to be crafted at a science machine or an alchemy engine.

I hope you enjoy playing as Drok

What's New in Version 1.9.6   See changelog


  • - Improved Drok's head. He now has a more caveman-like brow.

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