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Puts it back where it came from!


Upon picking up a trap:

*If a trap is empty, it will go into inventory.

*If a trap has an animal, it retraps the same spot, without going back into your inventory


I fully intend only to release mods that I consider balanced, that don't make game play easier - read 'cheating' , or to fix what I perceive to be as issues or bugs that need addressing. I have a few ideas in mind. This is one of them.

I need to give the utmost thanks to my new friend DevilXD who I met on the Klei forums; who created this mod for me to learn from!


If traps are empty when picked up, they act as normal.

If traps are full (have a catch) when picked up, they automatically put the object in your inventory and resets the trap to where you had it

This idea came from one of my trap farms. I got tired of ending up with traps in my hand inventory and rabbits in my hand that I then had to swap out to deal with.

Vanilla / RoG compatible.


Also Download From The Steam Workshop

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


  • Changelog:
  • v1.0
  • Initial Public Release

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Mod says it crashed on startup so has been disabled.

Game version 100795 with RoG.

The other mod I'm using is working fine and I tried disabling that.

(Tried updating the game via updater.exe and that messes up the whole game to the point it won't even launch)


Clicking the button to take one to the mod page went here (http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?)


Two ways to solve that problem:


1. (better) In updater, click 'File -> Check Consistency', it should properly update your game, and the mod should no longer crash...


2. (worse) Open "modinfo.lua" file in notepad and change api_version to 5 or 4 and save the file. You must do this, because game disables mods with api version greater than defined within game files (and you have outdated game, so the api version is probably 5 or 4...

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