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Hi I would like to introduce mod that I make with Mr. Hastings - Not Quite Pyro. Mod adds to the Don't Starve a new character - Pyro It is of course modeled on TF2 character, but he's not identical.

Pyro stats:

- Hunger 120

- Health 150

- Sanity 180

- Is completely resistant to soaking (costume and mask) so the spring will not be a problem

- Inflicts greater damage: Damage Multiplier : 1,2

- He has some own items:

Fire Axe: multi tool – axe + hammer;

Flare gun: It can serve as a weapon, or you can cause the fire with this;

Endothermic Match: It can serve as a fire extinguisher and a source of light;

Lolichop: great and so sweet weapon.

- He can't met Chester

- He doesn't wear armors and helmets (depending on the armor difficulty level)

- Pyrovision - special trait allows him to see the world in its own way.

Mod Configuration options:

- Speaking model

Normal: Pyro speaks in complete sentences.

Simple: Mmmrrrrrrrppghhh! :)

- Pyrovision: It can be turned on and off

- Outfit Difficulty:

Easy: Pyro can wear all armor and helmets (he still doesn't like waterproof items)

Normal: Pyro can wear all helmets (he still doesn't like waterproof items)

Insane!: Pyro doesn't wear any armor or helmets

Other info:

I have used graphics developed by Klei: large and small portrait of Pyro, map icon and weapon graphics.

Character has custom sound (wyro sound - made by Klei)

Character has all custom strings

Mod authors:

Kuloslav (code)

Mr. Hastings (graphic)


Q:Why Pyro don't talk "mmmmph and huddas"?

A: He can say that from the update 1.2.2 (see configuration options).

Q:Why Pyro can't wear armor?

A: He can from the update 1.2.2 (see configuration options).

Q: Why he has two „breathing filters” instead of one?

A: There are many reasons and the most important is: it was easier :)

Q:When Pryo will "shoot rainbows"?

A:Probably never - I tried to enter, the effect was just ugly.

Q:What is Pyrovision?

A:Special trait allows him to see the world in its own way. Please read mod description carefully.

Q:What Pyrovision changes in the game?

A: Pyrovision changing the graphics objects in the game. However not affect their usefulness. Pyrovision work when the character has a lot of sanity points.

Q:What exactly Pyrovision changes ?

A: List of changed objects:

all trees

all surface rocks

spider and spider warrior







Q:Why Pyrovision don't change ground textures?

A:Because after such a change, the game would be unplayable :)

Q:Is your mod only unlocks game content or add something new?

A:The only things mod "unlocks" is a graphic pyro on the world map, graphic in the selection, sounds and item graphics: lolichop, fire axe and flare gun. All code and Pyro animation is my work. Graphics for match and pyrovision objects is Mr. Hastings work.

Q:Please add more Pyro for Pyro. He is not like TF2!!

A:Mod called “Not quite Pyro” right? So he will be just such a "not quite" :)

Q:When you add Balolonicorn Chester?

A:His situation is not clear. Although I have finished texture Baloonicorn Chester, Pyro can't meet Chester now. So far i won't add Ballonicorn until I redefine Pyro's disadvantages.

What's New in Version 1.3.1


  • ver 1.3.1
  • Fixed: spider warrior anim

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