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Recently I got into a discussion with someone on the topic of HUD mods and more specifically, their compatibility issues. Long story short, I realized it would be easier and faster to make my own than it would be to fix someone else's. 10 minutes later, this mod was born. Yes, seriously, 10 minutes.

If you're like me, and I know I am, then you're probably relatively happy with Don't Starve's default HUD and the only thing you might change is not being able to see the hunger, sanity and health values when you stop hovering over their icons. Well, it seems our lucky day has come because that's exactly what this mod does. Those stats are shown all the time and when you hover over the icons, it shows the maximum capacity of that stat.

For example:

Hovering over the health icon will show your maximum health capacity. When you stop hovering over it, it shows your current health. Very simple, neat and clean.

This mod affects:

-Hunger icon

-Sanity icon

-Health icon

-Moisture icon

-Woodie's Werebeaver icon thing

-Clock icon(sort of)

-Anything that uses the default badge widget

-Nothing else.

At the risk of breaking simplicity, a temperature display has been added. It's displayed in the clock(the sun icon) under day X/world X. Hovering over the clock only changes the default day/world displays. It's displayed in both situations. If this seems too not-simple, it can be disabled in the configuration menu. You can also change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

To further un-simplify things, I added support for arrow adjustments. Normally, the up and down arrows would appear in the middle of the icon, but since the numbers are there, you now have the option to move the up and down arrows above and below their icons respectively. This option is off by default.

I also made it so you can pick and choose different colors and opacities of the arrows and various number sets. You can choose from a list of presets, make your own, or choose all the colors by making them rainbow colorized. When rainbow colors are on, all the numbers and arrows will slowly change colors. You can even turn the numbers off completely!

Adaptive Colors:

I created yet another configuration option that will change the color of a number, based on it's stat and how "full" it is. For example, if your health is above 80% then the color will be green. If it's less than 20% then it will be red. The colors will change across a simple spectrum between green and red, based on the percentage of the stat it's representing. It works on health, hunger, sanity and (theoretically) any badge that is added using standard methods. However, this is experimental, meaning your game could crash if you have any mod enabled that adds a heavily modified, unconventional badge(for example, Beatrice) so you would have to disable this option. If you're not using any mods that use unconventional badges(and most don't), then it's no problem, it works just fine so go nuts. This issue applies to ONLY this one option, but it is something to be aware of.


Q: Is this mod compatible with RoG, custom character mods, other HUD mods and mod X?

A: Yes, yes, maybe, and probably.

Q: This seems really similar to X, an already existing mod. Are you trying to rip them off?

A: No. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm trying to steal thunder from mod X. I honestly have no idea if this exact mod has been done before and I really don't care.

Q: Can you add feature X?

A: No, sorry, this mod is all about keeping it simple.

Q: I hate this mod! It's too simple! There's not enough numbers! I need lots of things that could make it incompatible with other mods and crash my game!

A: Okay. Thanks for stopping by.

Recent changes:

-Added options for arrows.

-Fixed another conTROLLer issue.

-Fixed current health value not displaying when opening the crafting menu with a controller.(Sorry it took so long to get around to this, I've been REALLY busy lately.)

-Fixed Wolfgang's total health showing decimal places.

-Added an adaptive colors option.

-Fixed custom colors not showing up as they should(sorry I didn't notice it not working, I don't typically use this option)

-Added the option see the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

-Added a configuration menu. To find it, go to the main menu, then mods, highlight Simple HUD and a configuration button should appear.

-The temperature is now displayed, this can be disabled by changing "true" to "false" at the top of modmain.lua

-Fixed woodie's werebeaver icon bug.

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