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Do you need more of a challenge? RoG isn't hard enough? Wes is too easy for you? You think all mods are too OP? Then it's time to nut up or shut up! Get your gear together cause this mod hates you more than could ever imagine and it's just waiting for you to screw up. And when you do, it will be there to make sure you die a slow, painful, agonizing death.

What this mod does:

Your movement speed is scaled directly to your health. The less health you have, the slower you move. That's just the beginning. Hunger is another factor. You'll move even slower if you're hungry. Let me guess, you think being full will prevent that right? Pfft, think again. Being too full will slow you down, too. I hope you're good at managing your hunger. Now before you go thinking this is too cruel, I put in a limit to how slow you can move. You can still move really slow but it won't be as bad as it could be. So don't say I never did anything nice for you.

How much damage you do also scales in direct relation to your health and hunger. Low on either? Haha, your spear will break long before your enemy does. Did I mention you also get hungry 25% faster? I hope you're a fast runner. Oh... Right... The movement speed thing...

Not impressed, yet? Well, try this one on for size, homeboy. Every time you're attacked, you have a fair chance of a getting something vital ripped open. What does that mean? What the hell do you think?? It means you could bleed to death! While you're bleeding, you'll lose 2 health points and 1 sanity point a second until you heal yourself. Oh, and don't expect meatballs or flowers to save you. Nope, you'll need something stronger to stop the bleeding. I hope you're resourceful.

I know what you're thinking, "What about sanity?" Hahaha! Does any of this look sane to you?? No. Everybody's sanity drops over time. And by everybody, I mean EVERYBODY. "Including mod characters?" you ask? What kind of pathetic amateur do you take me for?? Of course them too! Nobody is safe from anything in this mod! And we're just getting started. If your sanity drops below a certain percentage, you can't use tools anymore. It doesn't end there, either. If it drops below a second point, you can't even do things like harvest crops, grass, twigs or even pick flowers. Don't lose your mind out there cause you may never get it back.

Still too easy? Don't worry, princess. I've got you covered. Everything that attacks you also does an additional 35% damage and 25% of that damage is deducted from your sanity. Oh and Charlie, aka Grue? Yeah, she instantly kills you now. Yep, one hit kill. Every. Single. Time. Keep that torch close. Now you're probably thinking things like resurrection stones and meat effigies will save you. HAHAHA, guess what. Being resurrected cuts off a third of your total health. Permanently. Every time. Forever. Two resurrections and Wilson's maximum health is at 66 points! Getting it, yet? Haha, and reloading a save? Yeah, that won't change a thing. Like I said, it's permanent!

I know what you're thinking, "Is that where it ends? Can I stop reading now?" Haha, not even close. Every time you eat something, there's a chance the smell of your food and the sound of you eating will attract hounds. This ain't no picnic, son, this is survival! Do you enjoy building your base up? You won't for long! Every time you build something, there's a chance a stray murderous robot will come running out of the woods. But that should be no problem for you, right? Well then how about this? Chopping down trees may wake up tentacles sleeping underground and they won't be happy with you disturbing them. Mining boulders? Yep, spiders might be hiding under them. This world is overflowing with lifeforms! It's too bad they're all so hungry. The dead lifeforms, too. Speaking of which, did I mention there's a decent chance a ghost will rise from a recently killed corpse? Yeah, that's a thing now, too.

But wait, dogs, robots and spiders? Big whoop, am I right? Well it's a big whoop now. Very big. Every monster in the game now has a chance to be much bigger than the types you're used to. If they look bigger then that means they have more health, do more damage and move faster. But that's not all. There's yet another chance it will spawn as a "mega version". What's a mega version? Something that only little babies would be scared of. You're not a little baby... are you?

While you're furrowing your brow in a vain attempt to answer that last question, let me ask you another. Do you remember how your inventory used to have 15 slots? And did you notice how I just now said, "used to"? Yep, your inventory has been cut in half. You now have seven slots to make miracles happen before you die. Oh and your map? It resets every night. Only sissies hide behind paperwork to keep themselves alive. Real survivors use paper for only one thing and you're not going to have time for that, not with all the dying you'll be doing.

Is all of this sounding too hard? Then let me say it one last time, nut up or shut up.

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