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Have you ever found yourself watching Married With Children and thought to yourself, "I wish my life was as good as Al's"? Well, I've got good news for you. Now you can momentarily ignore your tragic life and depressing problems just long enough to pretend you're Al Bundy, thanks to this mod!

Character specs:

25 Hunger

25 Sanity

250 Health

Al doesn't lose sanity at dusk and he takes less hunger damage when he's starving.

Because of his athletic background and years spent stealing other people's food when they're not looking and running away, Al has an increased movement speed. This is further increased when he's starving.

Thanks to Al getting into fights with people at the nudey bar on a nearly daily basis, Al also has increased damage. This is further increased when he's starving.

His lack of daily nutrition has conditioned his body to quickly absorb anything he eats, which means he gets hungry much quicker. He can also eat things most people cannot, including but not limited to: pinecones, bugs, lureplant bulbs and even paper.

Al is lucky enough to get blown up, set on fire, crushed by fat women at the shoe store and assaulted by his wife on a regular basis so his body is also used to quickly recovering. As a result, Al regenerates health when he's not starving. How fast he regenerates health scales in relation to his hunger points. The more full Al is, the faster he regenerates health.

When Al escaped his life in Chicago, he remembered to bring his Big'uns magazine. Reading it regenerates a forth of your max sanity. He also starts with the blueprints for a football helmet and his beloved Official No Ma'am Shirt. His shirt increases maximum sanity by 25 and maximum health by 50, giving him a total of 50 and 300, respectively. It also prevents starvation damage from taking away health when your health drops down to 10(you can still die in every other way so don't get cocky). As an added bonus, it also gives him an official No Ma'am beer gut.

Recent changes:

-Completely removed his shirt's sanity regen function as the magazine's percentage based sanity restoring function made it obsolete.

-Tweaked Big'uns magazine; no longer restores health on use, now restores a forth of your max sanity.

-Tweaked the No Ma'am shirt; dropped sanity regen down to 1 every 10 seconds, while equipped your last 10 health points will not be affected by starvation damage.

-Speed and damage boosts/debuffs now scale in relation to your hunger and health points.

-Health regeneration now scales.

-Fixed pigs eating food specific to only Al.

-The damage Al takes from starvation now scales.

-Tweaked the damage indicator overlay so it won't stand out as much when he's starving but will still be noticeable.

-Al no longer loses sanity during dusk. Sanity loss at night is unchanged.

-Fixed an issue with resurrection stones and other such things.


-Al is accustomed to going hungry so don't be afraid of starvation. The health loss from starving is lessened with Al and his health regeneration can quickly undo lost health.

-Try to let Al reach starvation when you know you're about to explore or go into combat. Al's starvation boosts his speed and damage, making both exploration and combat easier.

-Eating things like monster meat is also not a problem for Al. The health loss is negated by his health regeneration and the sanity loss is negated by his Big'Uns magazine.

-Most importantly, try to think outside the box. Don't let me tell you how to play. Experiment and you may be surprised to find how resilient Al is.

If you think this mod is too hard or even balanced, you're wrong. If anything Al Bundy is actually OP. You just have to learn a new playstyle to survive.

This is not the mod's final version. There's still a lot of dialog to rewrite and other changes could happen.

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This is genius! Love Al! So were is peggy :razz: ?

lol Try it out. I think you'll get a kick out of it when you realize where Peggy is.

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This is genius! Love Al! So were is peggy  :razz: ?

lol Try it out. I think you'll get a kick out of it when you realize where Peggy is.

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