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Adds more realistic sleeping to the game.

You are required to sleep! You can sleep using all the usual sleeping gears. Hunger/life/sanity changes during sleep now depends on for how long you sleep.You have to sleep about every third day at a minimum. Not sleeping will make you go insane.

Tested on DS and ROG, but I have both installed. Please PM me if you only have DS and experience problems.

What's New in Version 0.2   See changelog


  • V 0.2:
  • - Sleeping will no longer kill you, but make you go insane gradually.
  • - Different sleeping gears cures different amounts of sleepiness.

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how come if you reach 100/100 you die! that's so stupid make the player fall asleep right there or something. please


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Don't think I have issues for PMing, so I'll mention that I got a crash when crafting an Axe. I'll try and get a screenshot of the error code if I get it again, but I DO remember it specifically pointed to Don't Don't Sleep. I DO have RoG, but I was not using it due to an incompatability with it and another mod I am trying to use. So it is quite possible RoG is required for this mod.

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