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Three kitty character pack! RoG compatible! Adorable custom sounds!

WISP: the Stray -

Health - 100

Hunger - 100 (drains somewhat slowly)

Sanity - 150 (drains slow at night)

She's a fighter and has the attack speed and damage to show for it! She's also not too picky about the food she eats and can eat monster meat no prob.

WYNTER: the Longhair -

Health - 250

Hunger - 300

Sanity - 100

Slooow, but strong. Has a super thick coat of hair to keep her extra warm (with three sprites for each level of growth after shaven)

WEI: the Housecat -

Health - 75

Hunger - 150

Sanity - 25

Has 'nightvision', so he's never REALLY in the dark, but is neurotic and paranoid, so he has pitiful sanity, anyway, but comes a little prepared for trouble. Weak but very fast. Can't stand stale food!


- They all have a shavable coat of fur that grows back over time. Winter has loads of fur, Wisp has a good amount, Wei has basically nothing. Winter starts out with a full coat, Wisp and Wei still need to grow theirs out on new game start.

- As cats, they're all supercarnivores, which means they eat almost solely meat. They'll eat cooked meals with meats and non-meats in them, but won't eat just berries or corn or things of the like, so get hunting!

-Each have their own unique sounds and dialogue! Note: there are a couple of lines of dialogue that aren't meows (like when you click on a gravestone) because they simply weren't in the standard speech file and I need to go hunt for them to change them :U


-Future plans will likely add a handful of craft-able items, most of which are to be determined.

-If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on balancing or other additions, feel free to voice them! Irrelevant of whether or not I add any suggestions, I'll still take them into consideration and they may affect changes I add later

-I've been told that eating monster meat without penalty simply doesn't work in the base game, only with RoG, but you can still eat stale food without problem with Wisp.

-Sounds courtesy of www.freesound.org

-Super duper thanks to everyone that helped me find stupid errors and code that I didn't know. <3

What's New in Version 4.1   See changelog


  • V.4.1
  • Updated for Shipwrecked
  • v2.0
  • -Minor Tweaks to Wisp's skills
  • -Added Wynter and Wei 
  • V1.4
  • Due to requests and for the ease of newer players:
  • - lowered hunger rate, she still needs to eat the same amount, just not as often.
  • - made stale food have no drawbacks, no health or nutritional minuses anymore!
  • - increased speed a smidge. Just a smidge.
  • - Small increase in max sanity.
  • V1.3 Altered hair to grow loads and be shaven in five days.
  • V1.2 Fixed missing line in prefab file, causing non-RoG games to crash. Also updated .tex files to ARGB and edited a couple missed speech lines
  • V1.0 Initial version.

cats 4.1.rar

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