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Base and RoG compatible

Ever wished your Fire Pit,Endothermic Fire Pit,Lantern,Pumpkin Lantern,Miner Hat,Torch or Moggles would last just a little bit longer ,or for that matter a lot longer? Well now they can.

With this mod you can change the stats of all the items mentioned.

Use configure mod option to work the magic.

All items have a clearly marked default setting.

All items have wide slection of options.

All items are unchanged and set to game default till you make the changes.

Reset option will reset all of your items.

Keeps some item settings default and change others,play around and have some fun!

Stats range from default to 100% improved burntime

Works with existing saved game as well as new.

Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Made stats precise.
  • Added infinite option to Fire Pit, Endothermic Fire Pit and Torch

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 how much the improved burntime 100% to 0% is on game day's ?

Its based on default fuel burn time.So say a board burns 4 time segments by default it can now burn 8.

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I cant see the configuration mode.

Go to Mods, point your mouse over a mod and you can see the "configure mod" button bellow the mod's information.

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I found a funny behavior of this mod when I set torch stat to infinite: each time I re-equip the torch it percentage is decreased by 1 percent lol

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