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Make your friends in DS, RoG & Shipwrecked don´t leave you

New update for Shipwrecked and Reign of Giants.

For everyone who dont now the mod this is what does:

-If you feed a pig, bunnymen, spider (with webber), catcoon or rock lobster be your friend and you dont have to feed them again, JUST ONE TIME!!!


RoG and Shipwrecked F

-Abigail, bunnymens, catcoons, chester, pigs, spiders, and rock lobster become in your friends and never die.

-They are more faster.

-Pigs dont become in were pigs.

-Bunnymens dont bite you for have meet in your inventory.

-Ballphins have a little chance to help you against sharx, with this mod always help you.

RoG and Shipwrecked D

-All your friends stand in your side but JUST UNTIL THEY DIE (this is cause many people wants a noon-inmortal version)

-The Ballphin is a new friend


I hope this mod help you to play Dont Starve with less problems or make it more fun.

Thanks for Squeek, who help me for the first version of the mod,

None of This Would Be Possible Without Him.

What's New in Version RoG and Shipwrecked   See changelog


  • -Update for Reign of Giants
  • -Update for Shipwrecked
  • -Version D and F
  • -Version D is if your friends can die
  • -Version F is if your friends can´t die
  • -Ballphins always cover your back [only on shipwrecked].
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