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This mod adds a Development Tool - It have been crated by Klei, to help with testing Don't Starve and RoG DLC. File "devtool.lua" can be found in vanilla game, in prefabs folder. This mod adds a remade version of it, that makes it possible to use in-game, along with couple of features.


- can be used as weapon (range: 20, about half of a screen; damage: 10000)

- can be used as axe, pick, shovel, hammer and net; every action is instant

- creates large light spot around a holder, or around lying spot

- provides health, hunger and sanity insta-regeneration

- provides heat in Winter and (if RoG is enabled) act as cooler in Summer

- act as Walking Cane, adding speed multiplier (about 2 times faster than normal)

- has built-in prototyper, so you can prototype stuff anywhere and anytime

- if you want to build anything, provides necessary resources

- act as blinkstaff (you can teleport to a chosen spot)

- almost every feature is configurable in mod configuration screen

I'm uploading it here as a mod, because it really helps testing mods. It doesn't have a crafting recipe (obviously), so, Here as a console command that you have to type in console to get it:


This mod is meant to be OP, because I made it to help testing mods...

Consider that before posting a comment...

Have fun with testing mods ;)

What's New in Version v1.2   See changelog


  • v1.2:
  • - fixed bug with dapperness not working in vanilla/non-RoG
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