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This mod has been abandoned for a long time but rezecib made an up-to-date version of it, combined with another mod.


Displays health, hunger and sanity values at all times. It's also possible to monitor naughtiness (Krampus) and temperature. There's also a beaver meter for Woodie.

RoG and SW compatible.


  • Mechanics

  Temperature and naughtiness are hidden automatically when inside the caves since it's always at 20°c and none of the creatures increase your naughtiness. These mechanics exist in the game and weren't created by me. This mod just monitors them.

  Naughtiness :

  The naughtiness threshold for spawning Krampus is set to a random number between 30 and 50 as soon as you kill an innocent creature. Killing certain creatures increases your naughtiness. Once the cap reached, naughtiness is reset to zero and the new threshold is automatically set to a random number between 30 and 50. And Krampus spawns of course. There's a chance to spawn 2 or 3 Krampii after day 50 and 3 or 4 Krampii after day 100.

  Temperature :

  Thresholds and limits are not the same whether you are playing RoG or vanilla DS. RoG introduced overheating, which occurs at 70°C (154°F). That's second degree burn territory. So I halved the displayed temperature (temp°C/2 then converted to °F) so that it feels more natural in RoG. See below for details.

* Vanilla game : The temperature ranges from -20°C (-4°F) to 40°C (104°F). If it goes under 5°C (41°F) you'll start shivering and under 0°C (32°F) losing health.

* RoG & SW : The temperature ranges from -10°C (14°F) to 45°C (113°F). Over 35°C (95°F), you'll overheat. If it goes under 3°C (38°F) you'll start shivering and under 0°C (32°F) losing health. So careful !


  • Compatibilities

- Not compatible with RPG HUD Neat unless you deactivate the custom badges (for RPG HUD Neat, not Always on Status).


  • How to install this mod
  It's better to disable the Steam Cloud feature for the game. Always backup your savegames, profile and saveindex before installing a new mod or you'll be very sour if something goes wrong. They are usually located in "..\Steam\userdata\<your steam ID>\219740\remote" or "My documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\save". Backup all the files found in those folders.
  Extract the folder located in the archive to "...\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods" or the equivalent if you use the standalone version. Once in game, head to the mods tab and activate the mod (the Neat version requires a restart) then configure it.

What's New in Version V8.4   See changelog


  • - V8.4 : Added a beaver meter for Woodie.
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On 23.10.2016 at 1:00 PM, Doktor.Groove said:

Unfortunately not working any more after the latest DS (SW)-Update in a SR-Compatible Savestat :(

When you only activate RoG it will work perfectly ... 

Any solutions???

Here is a screenshot from the error message of the issue mentioned above. Perhaps somebody else have also problems with this mod and Shipwrecked?! It occurred quite recently after the last DS-Update. Perhaps the mod lost compatibility to Shipwreck because of the latest update?! 

Thank you so far!


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I have the All's Well That Maxwell update and I'm trying to run your mod

but every time I reset the game or try to play/enable the mod it says crashed on start or something.

Like the game didn't even try to load it, I've also attempted to run the mod By Itself but it still won't work.

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong or what version of the mod I need to download because I need to have the status.

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@ WilsonJr  This mod is no longer supported by me. Your best chance is to run the latest build of the game, the build you're running is extremely old. But as I said, I no longer update this mod, but some folks have told me they are working on updating it, sokeep an eye out for their newer versions.


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On 01/04/2017 at 5:54 PM, jawabitaw said:

how the **** to apply this ****? i extracted this files but nothing happend anyone knows how to apply?


This mod is out-dated and no loner maintained. Here's an up-to-date version of it (combined with another mod) done by rezecib.


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tengo un problema cuando coloco el mod y e inicio el juego al activarlo me regresa al menu inicial pero cuando voy a verificar no se me activa el mod no se que estopy haciendo mal

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