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This mod adds a very useful bucket to the game ! It can be filled with water and used for a couple of stuff.

Bucket is craftable with 2 boards and 1 rope. You can find it in the Survival tab.

You can obtain water bucket by filling empty bucket from a pond. You can do this 2 times before drying up the pond. Pond refills itself after about half a day of rain. You can fish only from a full pond.

Water bucket has durability (10 uses). With water bucket you can:

- extinguish normal and wildfires (-1 use)

- cool yourself down by spilling it's content on you (adds 10 wetness per use, returns empty bucket)

- put in in the icebox and make ice ! (in about two days)

You can obtain ice bucket by putting water bucket in the ice box and letting it to freeze.

To get ice from the ice bucket, you have to break it with the hammer. Amount of yielded ice depends on percentage usage of water bucket used to make ice bucket.

Mod is compatible with "Breakable Ice" mod:

Steam Workshop:


Thanks @Cacahuatoforo for the art, testing and ideas

Thanks @_Q_ for helping me understand how actions works

Have fun playing with my mod :grin:

What's New in Version v1.4.0   See changelog


  • v1.4.0:
  • - made compatible with Shipwrecked DLC


  • v1.3.2:
  • - fixed a bug that caused a water bucket to be stored inside a burning chest instead of extinguishing it
  • - extinguishing burning objects now makes them wet, temporally protecting them from catching fire again, the protection lasts 5 to 20 seconds
  • - cleaned up code and unused files
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