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  These 2 mods let you add backpack and amulet slots, increase inventory, backpacks and containers size.
  The Neat version can display custom bar badges (health, hunger, sanity), naughtiness meter and thermometer above the inventory. It has custom UI art, too.
  RoG and SW compatible.
  • Customization options
  What both mods have in common :
- Backpack slot : Yes/No
- Amulet slot : Yes/No
- Inventory size : Default version : 15, 20, 25, 55 / Neat version : 15, 25, 45
- Piggyback speed penalty : Yes/No
- Backpacks size : Default/Large (backpack : 10 - piggyback : 14 - Krampus sack : 20)
- Storable backpacks : Yes/No
- Containers size (chest and icebox, not chester) : Default/Large (16)
- Colored slots (chest, chester, icebox, crock pot) and custom equippable slots backgrounds.
- Corner shortcuts (pause, map, rotate) : Show/Hide
- Further zoom out without the game pushing it back to default.
  What's only in the Neat version :
- Custom badges : Yes/No
- Naughtiness meter : On/Off
- Thermometer : On/Off - Celsius/Fahrenheit
- Wetness value : Hover/Always show
- Clock text : Hover/Always show (for keyboard/mouse only)
  • Compatibilities
- High chance of incompatibility with mods that modify backpacks, inventory slots, equipment slots or chests.
- Neat version : Not compatible with mods that change badges (health/sanity/hunger) unless you don't use RPG HUD's cutom badges.
- Compatible with Always on Status but custom badges are turned off automatically to avoid crashes.
- If you encounter crashes, make sure your game is up to date first then try runnig this mod alone. If it works alone and crashes with another mod, it means they are not compatible. You can let me and the other mod's author know about it.
  • Playing with a controller
  When using a controller, the backpack content will be displayed in a single line underneath the inventory like in the vanilla game. However, since you can have very large backpacks, and in order to keep the UI nice and clean, the backpack line will never exceed the inventory/equipment line. Keep that in mind when customizing the options.
  Example : 15 slot inventory, no amulet/backpack slot : the line is composed of 15+3 = 18 slots. So a larger Krampus's sack (20 slots instead of 14) would be sized down to 18 slots aswell.
  Minor issue : If you disable your controller while in game, the very last (2-5) slots of your backpack may be inaccessible (Krampus sack + bigger backpacks + Neat 25 or Default 15). Just reload your save to fix that.
  • How to install this mod
  It's better to disable the Steam Cloud feature for the game. Always backup your savegames, profile and saveindex before installing a new mod or you'll be very sour if something goes wrong. They are usually located in "..\Steam\userdata\<your steam ID>\219740\remote" or "My documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\save". Backup all the files found in those folders.
  Extract the folder located in the archive to "...\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods" or the equivalent if you use the standalone version. Once in game, head to the mods tab and activate the mod (the Neat version requires a restart) then configure it.
  • Quickest Q&A ever

  Q : Will you port this mod to DS Together ? 
  A : No. I won't be making any more mods. But if someone wanted to port my DS mods to DS Together, that's fine with me. 

  Q : How can I help you ? 
  A : You can give me feedback on glitches and crashes down below. If you are interested in testing RPG HUD before official releases, I created a steam group just for that. I'll put the newest files there and I would appreciate feedback. Here's the link to the group : Kiopho's Beta Testing.

  Thanks to everyone for your feedback which helps improve the mods tremendously.
  If you like the mod, show it some love and rate it. :)
  If you have any issues or suggestions, leave a comment down below.

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What's New in Version 2.31   See changelog


V 2.1

- Added the missing "revealer" component

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