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Enables every character to craft and read books.

I thought that this "Books" tab is way too powerful and unique to belong to only one character, so I created this little mod to even the odd between Wickerbottom and some characters neglected in a new update (mainly Wilson).

Note: It overwrites game's character prefabs, so any additional custom characters won't have "books" tab and it might conflict with other mods overriding character files.

UPD: Thanks to kiopho - now the mod does not override any of character files.


1. Drop and unpack zip archive in your ***SteamSteamAppscommondont_starvemods directory

2. Enter the game and in mods list enable "Books mod"

3. Enjoy your new powers

Mod is highly experimental and I did it mostly for my own fun. If you have any questions or problems - you can PM me of leave a comment describing problem. I'll try to look into it as soon as I can.

Version History:

(28.07.2013) Update: Upgraded to work with Hunger version of the game

(06.08.2013) Update: Fixed "Third science and magic tier recipes for Tentacle and Lightning books

(06.09.2013) Update: Mod now should work with Stuff of Nightmares.

Most recent:

(03.10.2013) Update: Checked for compatibility with latest update.

What's New in Version 10/03/13 08:29 PM   See changelog


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