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This mod contains 6 new swords made from nightmaresword and gems.

- They're 1.25x powerful of nightmaresword and 1.5x more durable

- Red Gem Sword - Set your enemies in fire!

- Blue Gem Sword - Freeze your enemies!

- Purple Gem Sword - Hit your enemies and gain sanity!

- Orange Gem Sword - Do combat and fill your belly!

- Green Gem Sword - Now Wigfrid can gain life DURING combat!

- Yellow Gem Sword - Shock your enemies with lightning!

Note: This is my first time when I'm making new items and animating them (by myself only), so some of animations can be horrible mistakes... BTW They're re-made nightmareswords, so they're NOT great looking like.

All of them are done!

All have 125 uses except YGS because it is soooooo OP so I decided to give 50 uses to it.

I hope I did not make something bad at code, if yes: report it.

Thanks to:

@Kuloslav for parts of code from his Lightning Staff (Tiny Alchemy Powers)

@Cheerio for great tutorials

And my sister that kicked my ass to done that swords!

Added RPGI version for RPG items.

What's New in Version 1.0 + 1.0RPGI   See changelog


  • Full 1.0
  • Yellow Gem Sword added! (WATCH OUT! one hit = -20 SP!!!)
  • 0.83
  • Green Gem Sword added!
  • Now R+B swords will take -3 SP per hit and O+G -5 SP per hit
  • New icon!
  • 0.66
  • Api Updated
  • Added Orange Gem Sword!

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