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Hello, Klei Forums! I am a new, aspiring modder, and talented artist (from what people tell me), and a huge fan of Don't Starve. And I bring you, Endsville's very own Mandy.

Mandy is a grim, evil, hateful little girl, with nary a single ounce of fear in her entire body, and more hate in her pinky-finger than ****'s whole body. She in fact, owns the Grim Reaper himself, by earning his loyalty through a game in which she won.


Health: 200

Hunger: 150

Sanity: 350


Comes equipped with Dark Sword and Nightmare Amulet.

Regains sanity at night.


None... Yet.



  • This is my first mod. Ever. So there may be a bug here, and a bug there. So, if your game crashes, it's Mandy's fault. But there most likely won't be crashes, since my mod does not override, or replace a single thing.
  • This is just a character mod. Plain and simple. She comes with her own artwork and her own spoken lines. Which is really awesome.

More to come in the near future, so expect updates or an overhaul of Mandy. So check by every few weeks.

Known bugs.

  • None known at the moment.

Special thanks: Fidooop, for creating Wod Better, which helped me create this character when I had absolutely no idea what to do. I uploaded this the very same day I found Wod Better. Art including. (I'm a fast worker.)

Incompatibility: I am not checking every single file combination available to me for incompatibility issues, but below is a list of what this mod will not work with.

  • Fidooop's "Nightmares Tab"

What's New in Version v0.4   See changelog


  • Better art
  • Better icon placeholders
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