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This is my very first mod, which I made for myself, as I hated how fires and fuel seem so easily depleted even in firepits.

This mod allows the following light sources to last 1 day when placed.

~ Campfire - Capped at 4 Days.

~ Firepit - Capped at 12 Days.

~ Nightlight - Capped at 12 Days.

As well as increasing the amount of time fuel will burn.

In exchange for the higher capped durations and increased fuel efficiency, the lights will be harder to intensify as the caps are higher (harder to reach maximum intensity).

I have also increased the chance that torches and Willow's lighter will burn their targets when hit to 50 and 25%, respectively.

Lastly, I want to thank Squeek for helping me with my first time making mods and figuring out the problem.

(A little something for those using RoG, if you have it on, you might want to go to modinfo.lua and change the api_version line to 5, or whichever version you use)

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


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