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Karas and I worked together to make this mod that adds Mama Volt Goats to your worlds at the beginning of the game.

Mama Volt Goats will be shown as pink goats.This is done to show us the Mama Volt Goat from the normal Volt Goats.The Mama will spawn\have baby like the Beefalo.They start of as babies and have 4 stages of growth.It takes days for the babies to become fully grown.Mama Volt Goats only can give birth.Choose wisley when killing goats if you plan to farm.The mama goats do breed year around,so this is a good source of food and horns.Mama Volt Goats only can be fed.Give mama some food to lead her home to the farm.

For this mod to work ,you must start a new world! Or DebugSpawn "mother_goat"

As of this release there are 10 Mama Goats spawned into the world at worldgen.When Mama is discovered,she will give birth to one baby.The baby will follow his mama till fully grown.At this point when you see her the next time she will spawn\have baby again.Mama can only have one baby with her at any time.

Have fun! We have!

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