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Meet your own friendly Slurpers (updated to 1.5.4)!

You can tame them by eyebones.

They can speak! So the third creature in the game, what can speak.

Also use the button "P" to Set Up your lickings!

*And now with mod Settings on "Mod Page"

"It's so hairy!" Have FUN! ;)

P.S. Compatiable with DLC


Originaly Licking:

health: 600

damage: 40

attack speed: 3

slots (number): yes (9)

light at night: yes

Ice Licking:

health: 500

damage: 0

slots (number): yes (9) - only food

light at night: yes

Working like a good fridge.

Epic Licking:

health: 700

damage: 60

attack speed: 2

slots (number): none

light at night: yes

Has a "beard": every 3 days add a 1 beardhair's stack (max 7). Need to be shaved by razor.

You can craft "Licking eyebone" in Science tab by:

goldnugget = 2

boards = 2

nightmarefuel = 2

You can craft "Ice Licking eyebone" in Science tab by:

goldnugget = 2

boards = 2

nightmarefuel = 2

You can craft "Epic Licking eyebone" in Science tab by:

goldnugget = 4

boards = 4

nightmarefuel = 3


For Developers:

You can use the next tags for interaction with lickings:

"licking_tribe" for all lickings.

And mostly the name of prefab is a unique tag to interact with this type of lickings.

What's New in Version 1.5.7   See changelog


  • Update v 1.5.7:
  • Visual Changing:
  • Added minimap icons for lickings
  • Added minimap icons for eyebones
  • Changing in code:
  • Changed version API of mod (now 6 as Don't Starve's API).
  • Turned all unique settings for each type of lickings in modmain file.
  • Added system of Settings on Mod Page (changed modinfo file).
  • Future Plans (so far not near future):
  • 1) Maybe add the Head-Inventory for Licking (if it possible).
  • 2) Maybe add a home for them (so if you lost 1 licking you can go to their home and tame 1 more).
  • 3) Think about Licking with regeneration aura (last patch of Don't Starve made it possible - "components/health").
  • 4) Think about add a Licking what will go around your camp and will pick up some materials, in Night he will come to home and put it into his unique chest.
  • 5) Add a Armor of Licking (WHAT?!) - No, it's serious.
  • Nearest future:
  • Add a support for other mod "Literature of Lickings" (more information later).
  • Test test and more test (and fix) target functions (Issues with "stop following" "stop deffending leader" "stop do everything" "don't attacking attackers").
  • Main: Use "P" on your KeyBoards for open Settings
  • Update v 1.5.4:
  • Changed some code what was not compatible with my next mod with Lickings (So now it's compatible).
  • Changed Option "Stop Following" on "Stop Defend Leader"
  • Fixed issues with Container's Items when entering into Cave
  • Changed Attack Speed of Licking (now 3) and Epic Licking (now 2)
  • Changed Damage of Licking 30 -> 40
  • Changed Range of Attack for Licking and Epic Licking 8 -> 7
  • Update v 1.5.3:
  • Fixed some (new) bugs with targeting (again).
  • Update v 1.5.2:
  • Added a new function: "Settings"!
  • Now you can set up some parameters for your lickings! Use the "P" button on your keyboard
  • Immortality, Stop Following, Ice-Licking work as fridge
  • Update v 1.5:
  • Fixed some bugs with targeting.
  • Lickings can now speak with player!
  • Added support for "Easy-to-Add" system for addind or editing talker component.
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