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“Hero in the Dark” – Is a traditional fantasy mod This mod will incorporate traditional fantasy elements and lore while retaining the artistic style and the survive or die elements of Don’t Starve. A large focus of the lore and design of the mod will be from D&D and other games/books within the genre. Barbarians, shadow knights, druids, Necromancers etc etc

The goals of this mod are to make an alternate form of Don’t Starve, not to add on to its current game. We have added in creatures, events, more lvs, boss mobs, items, dungeons, unique leveling system, 12 playable character(not all characters are in yet)s, 100's of new recipes etc.

Here is the first version of Beta. We are still looking for more artists coders and people to help with character scripts to join our team. We need things from Characters, items, monsters, terrain etc We are currently looking for 2 to 3 artists/animators and 1 to 2 people to help with character scripting. If you are interested please send me a pm.

(Note: this is still in Beta, we are still missing some artwork and character scripts, I am not posting this to steam as of yet)

(Note: if you are using a controller, you must disable spell books. To do this, hit the configure button on the mod page inside the game and turn off spell books)

Please give feedback within this thread and bug reports here or in a PM to me. Don't forget to follow our mod and rate it!

We now have our own sub forum here



We now have our own Wiki !


What's New in Version Beta 0.03   See changelog


  • Beta 0.03
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I take that back I canot see any goblins and I don't have an xp bar, also I read a post saying you must download to files? where would you get the second one? I downloaded it from the big download file button above

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Just tried to use the mod through steam and sadly the game won't load :(  Any suggestions are welcome and would be greatly appreciated.


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I am showing up to the party late...


I recently downloaded the mod and was excited to try it ..sadly the game does not allow it to run. After reading through the posts it seems there has been no activity with this mod for some time. I hope you fix it one day as it looks like one of the best mode out there... 

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i have a problem with your two file first modworldgenmain second title_adder in lua script title adder functions as error (97,10 and the other say that numric 22 is already used as id for volcanic rock and the other one was xpcall don't what that wwas can u help  so i can twick and be able to play the mod

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