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Coraline is from the Neil Gaiman novella, Coraline; in which she meets a hellish world that is incognito as a desirable landscape. Read the book. Coraline is a black haired girl in the Dave Mckean depictions of Coraline.

This mod is highly a work in progress. Right now she is only a character mod, but soon she'll be adding more to the game than just her beautiful looks and insanity.

She is a little girl.

--It takes her more chops to down a tree

--It takes long to mine

--She hits lighter

--She has less health

--She's hungrier

--She's a bit peckish

She loves to explore and sightsee

--She walks slower to take in all of the sights

--Not afraid of frogs or spiders

She has small hands

--Carries less things

--Tends to crops better

She comes from a Neil Gaiman Book

--She's a bit insane

--She has low sanity

--She has nails, deal with it.

--Can make Nightmare Fuel

--Has some other sanity boosts based on environments in Neil Gaiman books

What's New in Version 0.75   See changelog


  • Coraline had an entire art update!
  • An item was added.
  • Balancing was done.

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