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Hello all. I want to describe you my first mod. "Jukebox" simply plays music (yes! lol) that's on inserted disc. I made it becouse I wanted something to kill time during night, when I usually just making circles around firepit :grin:

Jukebox and discs are separate mods so you can have one jukebox and many records with different tracks and change them when you want.

Ok, now some technical stuff:

-mod adds "Jukebox" placeable/inventory item.

-cames with hes own "Music" crafting tab and needs science machine to prototype for 2 boards and 4 gold.

-when builded simply place it on ground simmilar way to pine cones.

-open and insert desired disc. Then turn jukebox on.

In jukebox container inventory you have 3 buttons:

-"up" means normal music volume

-"down" means silent music

-by pressing "pack" you can make jukebox inventory item again and carry it around.

If jukebox dont work pack it, pick and "plant" again.

Known bugs:

-when activating in mod tab many discs at once rarely crahes.



or go to "downloads"

or subscribe Template disc from Jukebox Discs Library

If have any problems with creation just ask me on steam.

Probably caming features:

- disc shelf maybe?

- I trying to make another verision of creation kit where instead of inserting music file

you just composing music note after note. In piano notes.

- new discs with radio or sports auditions.

-in game piano mode?

-portable playing mode to make travels more enjoyable.

-M.A.D. Explanation when i'ts done.

For start I made few test disc's, you can find them here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=235091870&edit=true&previewid[]=1121224&fileuploadsuccess=1

Look for new discs in future i will add new time to time.

If you like my mod and want more disc's with another music simply vote in comments, i will try to add it.

Hope you enjoy it :-)

What's New in Version 1   See changelog


  • -Improved jukebox code a bit
  • -added Disc creation kit
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