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Brought back from the dead,one of my ol favorites

-Note: I have fixed the rock images to work better with this mod

-Able to throw as fast as you can click

-TUNING = Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve\mods\workshop-214997929


-This mod is to fun.Only down side is the mod makes ya want to throw a damn rock at everything that moves! And yes the rocks must crumble.Would be way OP if they didn't.OP enough as is.

Original author Reinert

Original author's description

Allows you to throw rocks, Hit dem b@stards!

Ever wanted to smash a rabbit in the face with a rock, well with this mod you can O.o

I thought it appropriate to make such mod, given the new update is all about rocks.


-Makes rocks throwable and crumble upon impact.

-No homing feature, you have to aim now(kinda'ish)

-Kill a Treeguard with 50 rocks.

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