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Base and RoG compatible

The Fish Farm is a self sustaining food source.

While exploring one day,Wilson came across what looked to be an old wash tub.Upon closer inspection he discovers that bees had built their hive on it.So Wilson the honey lover that he is,wants to collect the honey. Paying no mind to the water in the tub,starts to collect the honey,and when some droped into the warter he was startled.Wow what a big fish!So he looked into the water and noticed several big fish.At that point he decides to salvege the whole tub hive and all,so he could rebuild it for furture use.

-The bees collect pollen from flowers,so the more flowers you have the better

-Bees use pollen to make honey

-Honey oozing from the holes you made in the box,feeds the fish

-Fish then grow and multiply

-There are 3 stages of growth,indicated by the number of fish you can see in the water

-0 fish = you can harvest 0 fish

-1 fish = you can harvest 1 fish

-2 fish = you can harvest 2 fish

-3 fish = you can harvest 3 fish

-Growth speed depends on amount of flowers nearby.

-Tip: With new DLC from Klei comes new seasonal bees, so don't build in your base if RoG is enabled,because bees are very dangerous!

Otherwise your safe!

-Recipe = 10 boards,2 fish and 4 bees

Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome

What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


  • What's new in version 1.3
  • Eating fish all the time is wearing on Wilson's psyche.
  • So he is now growing other animals in his Fish Farm.
  • Fish is the default product.
  • When the season changes, so does the product.
  • Spring = Eel
  • Summer = Fish
  • Autumn = Frog Legs
  • Winter = Slurtle Slime ,From cleaning the tub.
  • Harvestable amount max =.
  • Frog Legs = 3
  • Fish = 3
  • Eel = 3
  • Slurtle Slime = 1
  • I think Slurtle Slime is great addition.Used to fuel lantern and Miner Hat,also works like Gunpowder.
  • I would like to thank [#!].mouse for help with this update.
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Fish Farm 1.2

Now Base and RoG compatible.--> rly??? --> modinfo.lua -->


dont_starve_compatible = false

reign_of_giants_compatible = true

I dunno wth happened there but it's all better now.

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There is an issue with yellow bees never losing aggro when a regular beebox (not the fish farm) is harvested.


In my game, they will chase across multiple biomes and through dusk and night cycles, with the latest version.


Tested it with the mod disabled, and it stops happening.

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hello, first I want to congrat you for this mod, it's awesome, but I have a problem with it.

that error, with that variable "GetClock"


Sorry for my english I'm Brazilian


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im getting a crash my list of mods is as follows


  • architechual geometry
  • autocatch
  • better drying rack
  • better blood over
  • colored menu
  • display food values
  • faster follower
  • wide fov
  • mining pigs
  • more map icons
  • more realistic beehives
  • ornate chest
  • regenration
  • relaxed crafting
  • renewable minerals
  • rpg hud neat
  • seasonclock
  • simple life giving amulet
  • smarter crockpot
  • sort inventory
  • unbiased killer bee hives
  • where is chester
  • wormhole marker

just to clarify its not a crash with an error the game freezes and i have to forse close upon restarting it says the mod crashed.

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What about the base game? No spring or autumn... you should make slurtle slime in the spring or autumn so basic game players can harvest some kind of food in the winter!

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The fish farm not sure is bug or not, i feel when i using bug net to catch bee nearby the fish farm, the bee come from the fish farm is like unlimited in a short time interval. it is not like you can catch 2/3 bee at a time from the fish farm, but it is keep spawning bee from fish farm.

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