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Here's my 2nd character mod. This time its from Final Fantasy 8 : Squall (I believe all of you known him >..>)

As you can see in the image theres 3 weapon pre-spawn together with the character.

Introduction :

Character Perks :

PROS : Larger Health, Run Faster, Hit Harder and Faster

CONS : Larger Food Consumption a day, Lower Sanity

Weapon on the floor :

1. Gunblade :

- melee attack, 300 uses, 50 damage, -1 hunger per swing, aoe attack.

2. Flameberg (Orange yellow weapon in image :

- fire ranged attack, 25 uses, 100 damage, -1 sanity per shot.

- medium yellow light glow when on floor and equiped

3. Thundora (Purple weapon in image) :

- thunder ranged attack 5 uses, 500 damage, -20 sanity per strike, large aoe attack.

- small purple light glow when on floor and equiped

Other detail please find it in game ~_~... this mod still in development so there will be more item and changes added to it. Comment and advice are most welcome.

Installation :

1. extract the .rar into your mods folder. (dont_starve/mods)

2. open modsetting and add in :



3. play

---====SPECIAL THANKS====---

All the mod maker in this forum, without your mod and scripting as reference i couldn't possible to make mod. so once again a BIG BOW from me. And thanks KLEI for this great game.

Thanks for reading and using this mod.

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