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The Beloved Solaire has high health and sanity from his adjusting to the perilous life of a knight of sunlight.

Eventually he'll have some more character specific attributes and gear. Be patient.

What do we not have enough of in life?

It seems to me that through the dark meanderings of our video game journeys, we need a guiding light. Something to bring a smile back to our atrophying faces. I found such a light.

I give you...

Solaire of Astora!

Thank you!

Please leave feedback which will be analysed by a team of monkeys who will place a comprehensive report on my desk.

What's New in Version v 1.6   See changelog


  • portrait
  • buffed attributes
  • fine tuned textures

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Could you please just update this download page instead of creating a new one every time? 

If you read this, then thanks for reading!

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Hey man, delete the other version pages and update this like Mr. Tiddles said xD

I will give a chance and try your mod, it seems very cool =D

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