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This mod improves the gameplay on touchscreen devices.

V.3.2 Features:

->no double-clicking

->double-clicking acts as a right-click

->changeable settings (no menu entry jet. How-to is below)

->items from the inventory are dragable over the screen (stil a bit bugy)

!-> clicking on a crafting recipe will start crafting instantly (due to missing mouseover)


^-> now requires game restart

^-> changed the way it works

^-> removed offset value from settings

^-> added forum link

^-> increased on screen dragging experience

^-> avoided the campfire bug

^-> removed autochopping of trees


?-> on screen arrow keys for movement

?-> auto fighting / mining / treechopping

tell me if you want this :)

Mod was tested on a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (Windows 8.1)

Please report bugs and new ideas for this mod.


The settings file is allocted in dont_starve\mods\workshop-212043639\touchscreen_settings.txt

You will find 2 rows with integer values:

1. default is 7; !!must be bigger then 2!!; this is the time in ticks the mod looks for double-tapping

this is also the reset time for the mouse

increasing this will let you have more time to perform a double-click, but also will increase the time that must be

waited between to clicks

2. default is 625; this is the squared maximum distance the mouse has to travel from the center of the click to cancel

an action

->25*25 = 625 (pixel)

-> if a item from the inventorybar does not want to be dragged out you should lower this value

-> if you can't click a button correctly you want to increase this value


What's New in Version 3.2   See changelog


  • Updated to API version 6

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