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Beware! The Krampus is now actually kind of difficult to kill unless you're good at kiting but if not then he's kind of difficult to kill!

Krampus was WAAAAY too weak, stupid, and just plain pointless. This mod makes him a (more so than the Treeguard) tough, and very annoying boss!

He can take a huge beating now, with 1250 health! He will also deal 55 damage per hit. He's bigger by 1.2x. And now he steals items much faster than before!

All he used to do was stand there for about a minute, occasionally licking the air, and then steal one item before standing in one spot and repeating. Now, however, he will go to steal another item with almost no pause!

The krampus sack now has a 0.05 chance of being dropped, up from a 0.01 chance.

Hop you enjoy, and remember:

Krampus Will Be Watching!

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