(testing) Wurbert, The Magnificent Man of Snow! 1.6

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Fixed crash when magic hat breaks


Changed appearance and voice

Rocks now give 10 hunger instead of 1. - Now changed to 5.


Reduced winter melee damage

Fixed up some of his speech

Fixed hunger draining too slow - now fixed it draining too fast

A test of my WIP Christmas mod! There shouldn't be any crashes or that. His stats are still being worked on, and such.

Current Stats:


Unarmed hits are the same speed as other characters with weapons.

He swings all weapons VERY slowly, dealing much less DPS than his unarmed attacks during winter. In the summer, the Bat Bat and Spear are useless. In winter, all weapons are.

Needs lots to eat

Can eat meat and rocks (flint, nitre, rocks, gems, cutstone)

Eating rocks has a 0.018 chance to make Wurbert poop out a blue gem

Looks happy when cold, looks sad and melty when warm.

Talks to you when he's happy - because he has nothing better to do.

Regenerates 1 health every 8 ticks when temperature is below 0, loses 1 health every 8 ticks when above 0.

Can craft a hat to keep his temperature low and negate the constant sanity drain during summer.


Faster than average running speed

50 Damage per unarmed hit

Passive sanity gain

High sanity

High health


Slow running speed

30 Damage per Unarmed hit

Consant sanity loss

Average sanity

Average-low health

Tell me what you think! And remember: Updates will happen often.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Hanukkah! Whatever you celebrate!

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