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Maintaining an effective killing field of tooth traps is a time consuming process. Recent advancements in gear technology have lead to self-resetting traps: the Clockwork Tooth Trap, dealing 55 points of damage and having 21 uses, automatically resetting itself 8 seconds after being sprung.

This trap is more convenient than it's more primitive counterpart, but that comes at a cost: Clockwork Traps run on hound's teeth as "fuel", and when the trap runs out of fuel it stops resetting (but does not vanish). Fueling it with a hound's tooth restores 7 uses. A tooth is only accepted if the remaining uses are 14 or less, to prevent resource waste.

Dealing slightly less damage and costing more teeth to upkeep, regular traps are still more resource efficient.

You gain the ability to set traps that you never need to worry about replacing. Have some beautiful designs made of death and they will always stay that way. To increase cleanup, the traps are pickup on right-click only. This means you can left-click or hold spacebar to your heart's content near them.

It requires an Alchemy Engine for crafting, costing 1 log, 1 gear and 3 hound's teeth.

Concept by Ortorin, art by Xjurwi and strings by TooMuchHoneyHam.

@GRNCeleryStick was kind enough to make a video spotlighting the mod, check it out:

What's New in Version 1.2.1   See changelog


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