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This mod adds a new item to the game, the friendship wand! whenever you strike a foe with it, they will obey any command (or, yknow just follow you around and kill stuff for you) you give them!

Recipe - Friendship Wand

1 Blue gem

1 Yellow gem

5 Nightmare fuel

3 Living logs

Turns any creature you attack into a follower (There are a few exceptions like boss monsters and things)

Known Bugs -

Attacking a beehive with the wand crashes the game (I assume this is the same with spiderdens, houndmounds etc.)


Main Coder Cannibalizer - @Blazingice26

Artist - @MilleniumCount

Quotes - @Ortorin


Special Thanks

@Malacath - For the tons and tons of help he gave me he pretty much coded most of it :razz:

@Cheerio - For making the followtheleader script from which this mod is based off of, and helping me edit it to what i needed it to do :-)

Compatibility -

Known not to work with the waverly mod, because they both use the "wand" prefab

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


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