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It's Wicked the lizardman!

This hungry creature have arrived on this strange island.

Can he overcome his fear and survive on this island? It's up to you.


I tried really hard to follow Klei's original art style. I hope it is working. XD

Wicked's speciality is similar as Wolfgang's.(actually I copied most of codes from Wolfgang.) Become powerful and bigger if hunger meter goes up and Become weaker and smaller if hunger meter goes down.

His strong stomach can digest any spoiled food without penalty. But it's digestion is too good so hunger meter goes down faster than compared with other player characters. So you must work more hard to gathering foods.

I also tried to make Wicked's personality interesting. Such as funny face expressions or interesting speeches.

I hope people could enjoy it. icon_e_biggrin.gif


If anybody found any bugs or have any suggestion, please reply on this post. icon_e_smile.gif

Or if you have any question with privacy, you can mail me too.

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