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From Milson- The Original Author


nice to see that somebody took my lill potion mod on. :grin:

I've some spare time now, but don't worrie, i'm not

coming back. ^^ I'll mod X - Rebirth when its gonna be

released in 2 weeks. :s

I'm just curious why constant potions don't work anymore.

Did they change the way how the health/sanity components work?

If you'd like i could take a look at them.

Maybe it's possible to get them working again.

I loved those. xD

We would have 2 weeks to fix them. ^^

Anyway, thanks for adapting it!

Looking forward to hear from you. :-)

Best regards,


Potions Mod Adapted!


Create potions to enhance your Don't Starve experience.

Currently has 15 potions, each with unique effects!



-other mobs eating a potion causes you to receive the effect

-small tweeks here and there- let me know of anything serious!


Credit to Milson for the original mod!

Credit to DaS for his potion model/sprite!

More to come...

What's New in Version 4.1   See changelog


  • 4.1
  • fixed sanity potion recipe
  • -----------------------------
  • 4.0
  • Updated to Maxwell version.
  • Fixed/re-added sanity potions(WHOO)
  • Fixed inventory item images on some potions
  • prepared code for new potions-POSSIBILY

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