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Does not work with Reign of Giants DLC

Steam workshop version working again. Get it at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=191575745


Check out the Deviantart account I made of William for weekly updates on his backstory and concept arts of his upcoming/current/past inventions or appearances!

There's also a picture of him when he was in his early 30s or so, so check it out to see William with a small beard - AND A FULL, LUSHIOUS HEAD OF HAIR!


Click the link to check out plans for future updates and feel free to vote for the stats you want to see one of the future items have!


Take a look at this Mod Spotlight by a swell chap named Jon, of Jardev!

New update (Alchemy 4 Dummies) now out, adding many new crafting recipes! Robots are now much harder to craft but they've been made much stronger as well!

I'll be doing a comic-kind-of-thing bout William's past. I'll also be adding more to his speech that'll hint to his background.

New HD textures for Wil, and has a new, much higher quality piano voice (played horribly by yours truly :razz:)!

See STATS for info about the Wrenches, Potions, robot, and William himself!

Fixed the Blueprints dissappearing without summoning a robot when the player doesn't have enough gears!

I love making mods for Don't Starve. Mostly just testing out all the possible perks, stats, etc. So, here's one of my personal favorites!

William J. Danninghar was an inventor - much like Wilson. But his interests were more into robots and mechanical stuff. He now finds himself in a strange, unfamiliar place full of creatures beyond his wildest imaginings.


-Slower than most characters by just a small bit.

-Is weaker than most characters.

+Starts off with 5 gears and a cane

Average hunger

-Low health

+Very high sanity

+Already knows the Science machine recipes (like Wickerbottom)

+Very slow passive health regen.

+Has a 0.1x armour bonus

+Enters Nightmare Form when sanity is below 45.

Nightmare Form stats (that differ from normal William's)

+150 health

+ Deals more damage

+Replaces science bonus with magic bonus (Prestihatilator recipes become available)

+Gets a cool new voice

-Hunger depletes significantly faster.

You need to craft mechanical what-not (a new item) and a shell for the specific robot to creat your robot. These pieces are found in the Refine tab!

You can use a hammer or wrench to tell your companion to leave you alone and then feed them a carrot (seeds for reapers) or gears to heal them and make them follow you again!

Mechanical Butler:

Controlled by a rabbit

+High health

+Helps mind and chop trees.

+Can heal with carrots

+The controlling rabbit will run out of the robot when it dies

+emits smoke

+Acts as a container.

-slowish movement speed

+Becomes Nightmare Butler when player's sanity is below 100.

Mechanical Reaper:

Controlled by a crow

+Teleports away from combat if attacked

+Can heal with gears

+The controlling crow will fly out of the robot when it dies

+Very fast attack speed

-Modertate-low health

-Low-med damage

Mechanical Brute:

Controlled by a rabbit

+Very high health

+High damage

+Can heal with gears

+The controlling rabbit will run out of the robot when it dies

-Very slow attack speed

-Slow movement speed

+Becomes Nightmare Brute when player's sanity is below 100.

Craftable Wrenches! And special back-pack (which doesn't actually store things, it's armour)

Pointy Wrench:

Craftabe under science. Requires Alchemy Engine.

Deals 51 damage.

Has 150 uses.

Can be used as mining pick.

Nightmare Wrench:

Craftable under Magic. Requires Prestihatilator.

Deals 65 damage.

150 uses.

Can be used as mining pick.

Drains sanity when equipped.

Regain 2.5 sanity on hit.

Mechanic's back-up:

Blocks 75 damage

1050 durability

Can be activated to turn it into a shield via extending plates to block 100 damage (treeguards still do 1 damage)

Has neat effects


Concentrated Nightmare Fuel:

Craftable under Magic. Requires Alchemy Engine.

Instantly sets sanity to 0, activating William's Nightmare Form.

Bottle of Happiness:

Craftable under Magic. Requires Alchemy Engine.

Regains a large amount of sanity.

Elemental Mixererer is required for the De-life-inator (gun) and the Heart of Phlogiston (sword) It can be found in Refine!


The flintlock mechanism can be found in refine.

Flintlock pistol

requires flintlock mechanism.

High damage.

Long range

10 uses


Requires Elemental mixererer

Summons a stationary Terror Claw to fight the target if in-range

50 uses

Med range

Med damage


Heart of Phlogiston:

Requires Elemental Mixererer

Slow attack speed

ignites targets

Deals 72 damage and 77 to burnable targets

HotHead's Braincase:

High protection

Has a chance to ignite attackers

Pyromaniac's Evening Wear:

High protection

Wearer is almost immune to fire


Very, very, very high insulation


Works like the meat effigy, but takes less health from William. The normal meat effigy will leave William at full health when built, this will leave him with much more.

When resurrected, player starts off with less sanity and hunger than the Meat effigy.

His speech is currently a slightly modified Wickerbottom speech. This will be changed further in time.

What's New in Version Alchemy 4 Dummies


  • Added craftable robot.

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