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Adds a minimap to the HUD.

On Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=188251898

  • The minimap is fully functional; it can be zoomed using the zoom map binds (defaulted to the mousewheel) and can be panned by clicking and dragging.
  • The minimap can be collapsed by hovering over it and clicking the "Close Minimap" button
  • The zoom levels of the minimap and the map screen are both saved and are independent of eachother


Q: Is it possible to change the shape of the minimap?

A: As far as I know, no, it is not possible.

What's New in Version 1.0.7   See changelog


Synced with latest workshop version

  • Marked as Shipwrecked compatible
  • Disable minimap updating when the minimap window is closed (thanks AlfonZ42)
  • Add config options for minimap update throttling (thanks AlfonZ42)
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Forget the hotkey, let's talk about actual USEABILITY. On 1024X768 you are unable to zoom in enough on the mini map to see any details, the entirety of the mini-map is too small to offer any navigational help, and what is the point of the transparency when this is suppose to be a "look over here quickly to get your bearings" thing, yet you have to mouse-over the mini-map to be able to do so (which makes it very difficult to do in a fight).


Fixes need:

#1.) Increase the amount that someone can zoom in

#2.) If you can't add re-size handles, then just make it maybe 1/2 times bigger.

#3.) It should be square, not rectangular.

#4.) Get rid of the transparency, it's not like you can actually look through it with the transparency you have for it.

#1: Not possible. Max zoom level is hardcoded (actual value of max zoom is 0; as you zoom out that value increases, as you zoom in decreases but will never go below 0), nothing I can do about that. It does seem to scale on its own depending on resolution, though. Zoom level 0 is much more zoomed out on 1920x1080 than it is on 1024x768.

#2: Whoops, turns out the method I used to scale the map is resolution dependent (the initial size of the map texture depends on the resolution). Will upload a fix for this soon.

#3: Not possible. The minimap texture is hardcoded (GetWorld().minimap.MiniMap:GetTextureHandle() and then ImageWidget:SetTextureHandle(), both are C++ functions) and as far as I'm aware it's not possible to manipulate it's dimensions without simply stretching it. I'll ask if there is a way to crop/hide parts of a texture, though.

#4: I'll think about this. From my testing, it seemed like the transparency only really shows up on unrevealed parts of the map, and doesn't make much of a difference when everything is revealed. I'll be adding better configuration options soon, though, and this will be one of those options. EDIT: Decreased the transparency a bit in the version I just uploaded.

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i dunno if this is necropost but, to those who isnt good at mapping their way in the world(much like i do) simple add signs... adding the writtable signs mod helps alot. also is it possible to change the location of the minima? like lower right near the HUDS(i need a work around for the cave backpack mods being obscured by the minimap. also i want it above the HUD specially RPG HUD 45 neat)

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Wouldn't it be better to remove the map and arrow icons in the bottom right and put the minimap there?


What he/she/it said.


What they said. The current location is like a punch in the eye. Original minimap-icon on the bottom right is perfect place.

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Actually I just found that moving the minimap window or resizing it (gaining better zoom in the process) is sooo easy:


the setting is in the file modmain.lua at the very beginning.


I have found these settings the most useful


1. Upper-left + bigger for better zoom

local mapscale = 0.31
local x_pos = -930
local y_pos = -10


2. Very bottom-right corner:

local mapscale = 0.195
local x_pos = -0
local y_pos = -645


Results may vary with resolutions other than 1920x1080 but you get the point and may experiment yourself.

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Great update. I like being able to switch areas of the map without going into the modmain.lua. I changed the location of map to the lower right and loved it. Then I earned myself a Krampus Sack, so I had to switch it to lower left. Took me about an hour to get it just right. Make a change, start the game, check the location, save & quit and repeat until I got it just right. No more of that! Thanks again.

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