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Automatically equips the right tool for the job.

- As long as you have an axe, a bugnet, a hammer, a pickaxe or a shovel in your inventory you have the option to chop, catch, hammer, mine or dig. The tool does not have to be equipped!

- The right tool will automatically be equipped and unequipped if your job is done (as requested). Afterwards you will hold your previous item in your hands (e.g. a spear)!

- If you attack something you will automatically equip the best melee weapon from your inventory, except if you have a ranged weapon already equipped. After the fight you will hold your previous item in your hands.

- If you hold the "Do Action" button you will chop, catch, mine and dig everthing in your path.

- You will not dig out berrybush, berrybush2, grass, rabbithole and sapling if you started the action with the "Do Action" button.

What's New in Version 0.4


  • Added auto equip for hammer action
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