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Items sometimes have magical effects on them.

Mod also available via Steam workshop!

All items listed below have a 20% chance to gain a magical effect when they spawn (crafted, found or dropped). Weapons and armorpieces get different effects. The effects on weapons are heavily influenced by the attack power of the weapon, while the armor effects have no particular scaling.

An item that gains a special effect will display a (?) next to its name. This indicates the item is unidentified. Use a Magnifying Glass (available in the Tools crafting tab) on the item to identify what effect is present on the item. Examine the item after it has been identified to get a more detailed explanation. Note that the effect is active whether you identify it or not.

If this mod is activated in mid-game then all existing items in the game will have a 20% chance of recieving an effect. Once an item has an effect it cannot be removed.

* indicates a visual effect will play when the effect triggers

Possible weapon effects:

Flaming - Sometimes ignites flammable targets *

Leeching - Steals health from targets on each hit

Freezing - Sometimes freezes freezable targets *

Minimizing - Sometimes shrinks and slows targets *

Vorpal - Very rarely instantly kills targets *

Blessed - Deals additional damage (20 percent)

Well-crafted - Deals additional damage (10 percent)

Telelocating - Sometimes teleports targets away *

Sturdy - Takes longer to break down

Terrifying - Sometimes causes target to panic *

Poisoning - Sometimes deals double damage over time *

Self-repairing - Slowly repairs itself over time (always active)


Slippery - Can slip out of your hand when used *

Disappearing - Sometimes vanishes when used *

Thorny - Deals 1 damage to user when used

What weapons can gain special effects:


Golden Axe

Ham Bat


Tentacle Spike

Dark Sword

Thulecite Club


Golden Pickaxe



Golden Shovel



Bat Bat


Fishing Rod

Bug net

Possible armor effects:

Sturdy - Takes longer to break down

Fireproof - Reduces fire-damage by a third

Cozy - Small protection against freezing

Dapper - Small bonus to sanity

Self-repairing - Slowly repairs itself over time (always active)

Healing - Slowly heals wearer over time

Faster's - Reduces hunger drain

Quick - Increases speed

Sentient - Helps wearer understand Science

Entombing - Sometimes freezes attacker if struck *

Wish-away - Sometimes teleports attackers away *


Hungry - Increases hunger drain

Heavy - Decreases speed

Tickling - Prevents sleeping


What items can gain special armor effects:

Grass Suit

Log Suit

Night Armour

Marble Suit

Snurtle Shell Armor

Thulecite Suit

Football Helmet

Beekeeper Hat


Thulecite Crown

Miner Hat

Beefalo Hat

Feather Hat

Top Hat

Winter Hat


Rabbit Earmuffs

Tam o' Shanter

Dapper Vest

Breezy Vest

Puffy Vest




What's New in Version v6   See changelog


  • v6 (Where there's a Wilson...)
  • Updated for patch

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I try to enable this mod, but the game write "Crashed on the last start, automatically disabled" and I don't know enable.


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Does this mod will be compatible on Madman' fighting pack and are those magical effect will enchant the weapons and armor said mod?
It'll be fun if there were more weapons and had a magical enchantment in it.

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how about changing the effects of the tools like the Golden Axe - a chance of 1 hit on trees on 1st strike, golden pick axe = chance of harvesting gems or gold on every stones like 5%. shovel =  chance of picking up gold and gems and gears etc 5% also.. things like that cause i rarely use my axe and pick axe as weapon..

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I was wondering, is there a way to make this mod interact with Weapons/Armor added by other mods? Cause I have a few mods that add some more mid-tier weapons and some very rare weapons and I kinda miss having some of the affects that I get from the vanilla tools (such as my Self-Repair Axe and my Wish-away Miner Hat).


I mean, even knowing a code I could add in manually would be nice to know. ^-^"

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this mod isn't working for me when i try to identify an item the character does nothing just stays there what should i do to fix this?

Edited by PiturcaStefan

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