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Custom character based on The Batter from Mortis Ghost's amazing FREE RPG Maker game, "OFF".

The Batter has:

180 HP

100 Hunger

120 Sanity

-Hits harder than average.

-Comes with a bat to purify the world:

- Has sanity gain when equipped.

- Does slightly more damage than a spear.

- Doesn't break.

-Loses less sanity to darkness but more to impure adversaries.

-Is slightly insulated. (30 inherent insulation)

-Custom sound and battle music.

-Every single line of dialogue customized (suggestions and improvements welcome from fans of OFF).

Also yes the Batter doesn't have any normal talking sound effects, this is to mirror the game as he doesn't make any sound when he talks (other characters do).


Known bugs:

-Custom music doesn't stop on death and doesn't fade in/out.

-The music will replace the original music if you play as The Batter then as another character without quitting the game, disable the mod or quit the game before playing as a different character to fix this for now.


Bug/code/script fixes/ideas/improvements?

Lemme know plz on Steam or DeviantArt or somewhere.

The Batter thread:


What's New in Version v1.5   See changelog


  • v1.5 - Added map icon
  • v1.4 - Addons and 7 new tracks of music added, sanity nerfed to 80 due to complaints
  • v1.3 - More balancing
  • v1.2 - Re-balancing and attempted music bug fix, reduced file size
  • v1.1 - Some fixes
  • v1.0 - First release

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