Creature Mod Tutorial 2 - Spawning a Creature 1.0

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About This File

This tutorial shows you how to spawn a creature at the player's position!

Instructions on using the tutorial:

1. Download and extract the mod to your mods folder.

2. Open and follow the instructions in 'readme_tutorial_2.txt'.

Happy modding! :-)

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In the mod, 'player' can be used in the 'SpawnCreature' function because it's a variable that gets passed into it.  If you're using this function elsewhere, you can use:


local x, y, z = GLOBAL.GetPlayer().Transform:GetWorldPosition()

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Big thanks for the mod tutorial, I am new to modding

in the tutorial, the function SpawnCreature is  always called whenever the mod is enabled for all character

but is it possible if i want to make a character mod, or a mod that spawn something for a specific character

what i have try:

if playercharacter == "mycharactername" then



at the end of modmain.lua

not work :))


Edited by Noath

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