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To get started craft Waldo's house.The little guy will be stuck trying to get out, ( FREE HIM ) Waldo is able to pick all pickable products -(FLOWERS and FARM CROPS),scan the ground for objects to pickup and wear a hat.He doesn't do combat and can't be hurt from it.Once set free Waldo should be your friend for life.The little fellow can carry a lot of junk! To claim his spoils simply crack him over the head with a hammer hehehe Do the skull cracking with the spacebar! Waldo's house is craftable under the (Structures Tab)

Tip: I found when testing that Chester's Eye_Bone is better held by Waldo.

Enjoy! I've had a blast creating and testing this one!

What's New in Version 1.0


  • Mod has been updated to v1.1 (A Moderately friendly update) Fixed Waldo's ghost picking action,animation is very smooth now!
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