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Equivalent Exchange allows you to convert different items into each other. The idea isn't from me (original EE: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1106178-125-equivalent-exchange-2-v1467/ )

Basic Concept:

This Mod is about converting different items into each other, and about new late game item.

EMC value:

The EMC value is an additional value inside of a lot of item, only these items have potential to be converted into different ones.

Changes to the Science Machine and Alchemy Engine:

Science Machine:

If you're giving an item to the Science Machine (it will not consume your item), it will tell you if the item has an EMC value and an EE recipe (Alchemical Researcher)

Alchemy Engine:

If you're giving an item with an EMC value to the Alchemy Engine, it will consume it and will ad the EMC to his internal EMC buffer, if this buffer is big enough, it will create gold (e.g. 5 flint or 10 log).

Alchemical Chest (5 gold and 3 boards):

Because putting single items into the Alchemy Engine is annoying, I added The Alchemical Chest, a chest which converts its' inventory into gold.

Alchemical Researcher (5 gold and 3 boards):

Do you want to convert your gold back into flint, log or something else, then you need the recipe for it, simply put the item you want the recipe for in the top slot (only works with EE recipes), 5 gold in the middle slot (because of balancing) and empty the bottom slot, close the Inventory and wait for a 15 seconds, then reopen the inventory.

(screenshot available)

Dark Matter (20 gold):

= gold tier 2

Exchangine Chest (1 Dark Matter and 3 boards):

Think of an Alchemical Chest which is able to convert items not only into gold, just put the desired item into the additional slot from the inventory. Oh and it's a bit faster.

Upgrading an Alchemical or Exchanging Chest

Put gold in every slot from its' inventory and than close it.

->The converted items will than no longer be dropped on the ground, but instead put into the chest. (screenshot available)

Dark Matter Tools:

Twice as powerful, don't break, expansive.

more in 1.4


since 1.3 (Energyupdate):

!!!The energysystem is global, so you don't have to connect the machines through wires!!!

If the alchemical researcher has created 5 recipes (used 25 gold) it will start glowing brighter, try to make a dark matter recipe and you will get a global singularity recipe...global singularity = 35 gold

uses for the global singularity:

-create an EMCbattery (it has 25 gold stored on construction, so it only costs 15 gold in theory)

-create an EMCsolarpanel (it will create 2 gold per day)

-create an EMCpanelbooster ( it will consume 50 gold per day but will also boosts all solarpanel in its lightradius, so that they create 10 gold per day - the light is strong enough to stay alive in the dark)

-upgrade the alchemical chest (just put on into it and than close it, now it will not longer conwert the items into gold, but convert them into energy, will direcktly put 20 gold into the system, so that this upgrade only costs 15 gold)

The exchanging chest has always a connection to the energysystem (if you upgraded it with gold), so you don't have to upgrade it with a singularity, and well it can create every item with an EMC value from Energy.

Exchanged Life (10 global singularities)

Can be activated, after which it will drain 1 gold per second for half a day (= 240 gold) and will then revive you if you die. If you die, it can be activated again.


since 1.4 (Mobupdate):

you can now craft enchanted matter (dark matter tier 2) at an ancient pseudo thingy in the ruins (10 dark matter, 10 thulecite)

dark matter axe = weapon + axe

dark matter pickaxe = pickaxe + hammer + shovel

enchanted matter multitool = weapon + axe + pickaxe + hammer + shovel


you can use it to spawn mobs from their drops or if you attacked one with a dark matter pickaxe or the multitool

bosses will have less HP, but don't attack them with the darkmatter axe or the multitool.

if you try to use darkmatter or gold to set a mob, you'll get an emergency shutdown.

Now things like rope and cutstone also have an EE-recipe

if you drop darkmatter on the red ground in the ruins, it will become an ancient pseudo thingy.

you can also bild an ancient altar mover (1 enchanted matter) to move an ancient pseudo thingy.


coppernugget EMC value

metal plates EMC value

second recipe for metal plates


Information for mod devs:

if you want that your added item can be converted into other items with the EE system, then add an EMC value to it:

prefab.EMCvalue = 3000/15 --3000 = goldnugget

if you want that your item can also be converted from other items, then add an EMC name:

prefab.EMCname = "yourprefab"

if you want to be funny then you can add somthing like:

prefab.EMCname = "spoiled_food"

What's New in Version 1.4.3   See changelog


  • -fixed hitboxes/boundboxes

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