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Ghosts and Graves 1.0

Ghosts have chance to spawn from dug up graves.

Ghosts have chance to drop ectoplasm on death.

Ectoplasm can be used to fuel lantern.

Ghosts roam the world on new moon dusk and night, number of Ghosts depends on number of dug up graves.

Spirit Torch - if you fuel one of them, all of them will be fueled over large area, can be fueled with ectoplasm or slurtle slime or light bulbs from cave flowers. Spirit Torch can be crafted using shadow manipulator and costs blue gem, 2x ectoplasm and 8 gold.

Spirit Torch graphics by @Raccoon Superhero

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


  • 1.0 Release
  • 1.1 Spirit Torch added
  • 1.2 New graphics for Spirit Torch, increased drop rate of ectoplasm

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